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The Finn Sailing Manual

The British Finn Association has kindly allowed to host the Finn Sailing Manual.

The Finn Sailing Manual was published by the British Finn Association in 1996. Some of the comments are now dated, especially in regard to carbon masts and gear selection, but the majority of it is still useful. The book consists of 28 pages with rigging and fitting layout diagrams included.

This manual has been produced on behalf of the British Finn Association for the purposes of imparting knowledge, promoting Finn sailing and the Finn class in the UK and increasing awareness and the size of the BFA.

Contributors:- John Derbyshire: RYA; Dr Frank Newton: Chairman IYRU Medical Committee; Helen Deaves; Nick Bosdet; David Hunt: Needlespar; Jamie Mill; Robert Deaves.

Whilst every effort has been made to make this booklet as accurate and error free as possible, the  BFA, the editor and the individual authors can accept no responsibility for injury or damage suffered by any person or to any boat whilst attempting the activities described in this booklet. If you have any doubts about your ability to perform the physical training described herein, you are recommended to seek medical advice. If you have any doubts about the seaworthiness of your boat or yourself you are recommended to remedy the matter before carrying out the sailing activities described in this booklet. The opinions within are those of the individual authors and do not necessarily correspond with those held by the editor, the other authors or the British Finn Association.

Copyright British Finn Association 1996

First Edition 1996

Printed in Great Britain

Dedicated to Frederick.

Edited by Robert Deaves, Hon. Sec. British Finn Association